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Relax, Emily: A Thesis?

I have had a very intensive year for me comics-wise. I have been concentrating on beer comics, but also giving myself cheap therapy in the form of diary comics, as well as making a long-form story-based addition to my “Douchebaggery” series. Each of the four things I worked on over the year have (almost) nothing in common with each other, which was a nice change of pace for me when I switched to another project throughout the school year. The four things I worked on over the year were: Diary comics called “Relax, Emily” that helped me explore my inner thoughts, a third version to my “Guide to Douchebaggery” series which centered around musical theatre culture, a webcomic about a female brewmaster named Vicki Stowe, and continuing my beer review comics called “Pints and Panels.” Like children, I love all of these projects equally.



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