Jesse Durona

Jesse’s first post


Can an artificial mind feel real love? Just how different are machines and humans? These are the questions asked in Capek, a science fiction adventure story told in three parts. Capek (who gets his name from the Czech novelist, albeit differently pronounced) is a robot who discovers a human baby lost in space. Dispite orders from his Chieftian, Capek travels to Ketura, the planet of the humans, to find the baby’s family. Along the way he meets Darien Cooper, a scarcastic bounty hunter, who agrees to help him on his journey. Meanwhile, sinister forces are setting events in motion that could reignite an age-old conflict between the two nations.


3 Responses to “Jesse Durona”

  1. For those wondering…

    SCARCASTIC /scar’kastik/
    A wit so scathing it actually causes physical wounds.

  2. That’s a scar-tastic definition Lawrence.

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