Lena H. Chandhok

Only A Story

Only A Story is one of the four books that comprise my thesis. It’s the story of a camp counselor named Mason who, in an attempt to keep his campers out of a creepy cave on the beach, spins a tale of a child-eating mermaid who comes after who ventures inside. When the mermaid actually starts hunting the campers, though, Mason has to take responsibility for her and face his fears.

These three pieces demonstrate the process that goes into my finished pages. After outlining, scripting, and thumbnailing my pages, I sketch the page out on copy paper using a drafting pencil. I use a lightbox and a G-nib to ink those lines onto bristol. I then use watercolors to add shading on a piece of watercolor paper. I scan each of these pages and combine them in Photoshop to create one finished page.



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