Ben Juers


Stickybeak is intended as an act of self-awareness. It reflects the mind of someone having to write and draw a thesis. In a competitive atmosphere, it is insightful to see how people react. I reacted by relating to an animal that has to make the same rudimentary display of worth on a regular basis, surrounded by others doing the same. Bowerbirds are similar to cartoonists in other ways, because they are flexible as symbols.

If this were to be sold, it could do with a name change. It would work best if published alongside other pieces, either mine or other people’s, in an anthology where the common theme is slapstick, animals, or office stationary. Alongside bowerbirds, it was inspired by Buster Keaton, Tex Avery, Preston Sturges, the Marx Brothers, Frank Tashlin, and Hasil Adkins.


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