Beth Hetland

Fugue: A Family in Three Parts

Fictional Memoir

Fugue is a semi-autobiographical story about music, family, and self-actualization. It follows Pat Hetland from childhood to parenthood as her love for experiencing music grows to a crescendo. After a traumatic evening she decides to re-evaluate her future and turns to her three daughters. To Pat’s delight, as they grow they develop an interest and natural talent for music—but history is doomed to repeat itself. As the girls enter adulthood, the lesson their mom was trying to teach (and understand herself) finally begins to sink in.

“First, I think a daily experience of music is important. Without it, I think humans are bereft. My real goal is to make [people] aware of the music around them. By really tuning in, and hopefully by understanding the why’s and what’s of [the music] they hear, I think they will better express and experience emotions and the fullness of life.”
– Patricia Gullo Hetland


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