Lawrence Lee Derks III

The Grim Bard

The Immortal King’s Crescendo

Everyone’s favorite (albeit only) musical reaper is back in this brand new 86-page adventure! How far will a king go to beat death? The Grim Bard is about to find out. Join the Grim Bard as he overcomes countless obstacles on his way to play for an Immortal King! Enjoy as the Grim Bard plays all sorts of different musical instruments for a town filled with new and quirky friends. And watch, in horror, as he kills those new and quirky friends. Just kidding! He doesn’t kill them. Well, not all of them. This comic is meant to be enjoyed by kids of all ages. Seriously.

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3 Responses to “Lawrence Lee Derks III”

  1. Want want want! How do I get get get?
    (P.S. Thanks for coming to the Maine Comics Arts Festival)

    • That’s great! If you’re interested you can email Lawrence at the link above and find out when it’ll be available. Thanks!

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