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By Josh

May 15, 2011

Category: Jon Fine

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Studio Laffitte

My thesis project is comprised of parts one and two of the book, Studio Laffitte, a historical narrative based, in-part, on the work and experience of French painter Georges Rouault, and his patron Ambroise Vollard.  The characters’ names, however, have been altered, in order to provide the story with a degree of chronological flexibility; Rouault becomes Alain Moreau, while Vollard is represented by gallery owner Guillaume Aubrey.

Moreau is a middle-aged painter in inter-war France, beset by debt and struggling to have his work accepted by the Parisian arts community.  A chance encounter with the celebrated gallery owner Guillaume Aubrey provides Alain with a rare opportunity:  in exchange for exclusive patronage rights, Aubrey will provide the artist with studio space and essential materials, free of charge.  The arrangement, however, turns sour when, over the course of a year, Aubrey refuses to publicize the artist’s work, and Alain is left in a state of exhibition-less limbo.


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