Hanging the Show

Faculty member Jon Chad hangs the art of Tom Casteel. Tom has been a low-residency student this year, living with his family in Indiana while working on his thesis. Jon Chad organizes the show and teaches us all how to hang our art. Thanks Jon!


3 Responses to “Hanging the Show”

  1. Very interesting approach to getting the work of an entire CCS class out there. Could I please suggest that colored backgrounds not be used for type? The colors (even reversed type) just make for difficult reading for those with less than perfect eyesight.

  2. Thanks Al. Unfortunately, as great as this wordpress theme is for showing individual images, it often chooses background colors that are very dark and hard to read type on. (It is usually different from page to page.) I don’t have any control over that, but I would suggest using Readability.com, which can make any website a more comfortable/easier read. Sorry.

  3. /
    Thanks for the response and the explanation for the backgrounds. These autogenerated backgrounds, while not of your doing, are proof that any sensibility for graphic design has fled the Web. So it goes.

    I appreciate the pointer to readability.com. An earlier version of their package was not ready for prime time, but you’ve reminded me that they have had time to make improvements. I will investigate.

    And congratulations on *everybody* in the class passing the thesis review. Wow…

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